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Beauty from Inside

Living with Love and Grace

Lady Hannah

Beauty from Inside Blog

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Note: My main blogging has now switched over to Joyful Idealist! http://joyfulidealist.wordpress.com/ Feel free to visit me there. This blog will continue for icon-artwork & book review purposes, as well as so I can continue to be a part of the livejournal period-costuming, historical & period-drama & icon-artwork making communities, etc. This blog will also retain its purposes as a positive media outlet (think sharing positive media resources, promotional fun stuff, giveaways, etc.). Thanks for stopping by! :)

As a Christian young lady, my perspective stems from a specific set of values. I am passionate about creating the culture and influencing the media, and I enjoy writing and glorifying God by using my talents and growing my gifts. The Beauty from Inside blog is one place where I can share my thoughts with others in the public sphere, as well as serving as an outlet for my creativity.

I am a college student with renegade plans- I'm using the practical to help me live the artistic.. crazy much? I call it creative.

I am an eternal optimist. I am also an idealist. I believe in hope and grace, and real manhood and womanhood. I believe in heroism, laughter and wit, and a lot of "old-fashioned" notions like genuine (not counterfeit) chivalry and kindness. Some of my goals in life are to thrive, to live joy, and to "aspire to inspire (before I) expire".

I like England and Film, Theatre and Music, and Christ is the head of my heart, hope and life. I love people, and I enjoy presenting the truth and spreading contagious joy.
Lastly, I am the girl dancing on the driveway, because life is not about hating the storms that come our way, but learning to dance in the rain.

~ Lady Hannah

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