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The Resignation of Eve - book review

The Resignation of Eve - What if Adam's Rib is No Longer Willing to be the Church's Backbone? 

~ Hannah's book review ~

When I heard about this book being available for reviews, I was anxious to get my hands on a copy.  I was about to embark on a switch to a new church, and was trying to discover what boundaries to set with my involvement at church, after experiencing some involvement burnout at my prior church.  [Note: burnout was not why I switched churches, but is something I have desired to investigate nonetheless]  I was curious how other women have had similar experiences, and the value of women in the church.  What are women's roles in the church?  What does the Bible say, what do people say, what do women say?  This book is a definitive guide of statistics, surveys, and thoughts on the subject.  While I do not agree with perhaps everything set forth in the book, I found it an interesting study on the topic of women and church at an applicable time in my own life.  I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy if this is something that you have also been considering.  Perhaps what I most appreciated in this book is that it included so many stories and so much data, helping give a clearer picture of different individual experiences.  This is not so much a book about what is right or wrong about women's roles in church, but what people have personally experienced and believe, and suggestions about the reasons behind such feelings.  There are definitely some possible solutions presented in this book, but I think that this is more a book for drawing your own conclusions.  In summary: this is recommended reading. :)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Resignation of Eve from Tyndale House Publishers in return for my honest review.
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The Beautiful Wife - book review

The Beautiful Wife book study set review 

~ by Hannah ~

Sandy Ralya's Beautiful Wife study set is ideal for the creation of a small group study, or for individual study.  I am always interested in seeing how Christian authors interpret marriage studies, and the emphasis that different writers place.  In Ralya's study series, the emphasis is on beautification, an angle that I have not really seen discussed much in this genre.  Some of the topics include, 'speaking the truth in love', 'cultivating mystique', and 'opening lines of communication'.  Practical-minded topics include 'managing money'.  The mentor's guide gives advice and suggestions on the creation of a healthy womens' group, and the prayer journal includes Bible references and spaces to write your response to the readings.  If you desire for a book series that will help with making your marriage and your role as a woman more beautiful, you may want to purchase the books from this series!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Beautiful Wife book, mentor's guide and prayer journal from the Litfuse Publicity group in return for my honest review. =)

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Remembering You by Tricia Goyer - Blog Tour

Remembering You

by Tricia Goyer

Summary based off of the book cover - 

Television producer Ava Ellington cannot refuse her grandfather's last wish- that she accompany him to Europe on a tour of WorldWar II battle sites.  Ava sets off, camera in hand, ready to record and report on their journey, and she and Grandpa Jack are greeted in Paris by Paul, her grandpa's best friend, and his grandson Dennis.  The Dennis who just happens to be Ava's first love.  History comes alive as the group travels across Europe- from the romantic sights of Paris to the bleak battlefields of Belgium to the Austrian labor camp these men liberated so many years before.  As Ava's grandfather shares his memories of bitter days on the battlefield, she begins to understand how his experiences in the war made him the man he is today.  Throughout the journey, Ava and Dennis are also drawn together in ways neither of them expected.  Can their memories of the past lead to a bright new future?

Review - 

Ava Ellington in some ways reminds me of myself.  She is driven.  When she sees green countryside, she thinks of the Sound of Music.  She is a young woman of feeling.  And while she may not be a big fan of war history, she enjoys touring Europe with her grandfather.  This story is neat in the respects that it is tied to two different generations: Ava's and her grandfather's.  Their stories are in many respects different, but as the two of them tour through Europe, the purpose of the journey changes as they look at the future through the lens of the past. I like the setting of Europe, and the author Tricia Goyer writes in a casual writing style that is likable, easy to relate to, and plays like a film in one's head as you read.  I recommend this book to those looking for a casual, sentimental novel. 

Excerpt - 

"Don't give up on this day yet, Ava,"  Grand-Paul said in her ear as he gave her a quick hug.  "Never give up.  Sometimes the future isn't what we expect, but when we get there, it often isnt' as scary or as overwhelming as we first thought."  

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Disclosure: Litfuse Publicity provided me with a complimentary copy of Remembering You, in return for my honest review.

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With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God

With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani 

Book Review by Hannah K.

  I must admit- I enjoy reading Christian non-fiction.  I have so many wonderful books!  Yet I do not value all of them the same, as some Christian non-fiction can be hit and miss.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised when With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God sky-rocketed to the top of the list of my favorite books even before I had gone through more than a few chapters.  With addresses some concerns about Christianity that I feel often are not well-addressed or discussed in most circles.  This makes this book a novelty in some of its approach to relating to God.  

  The purpose of the book is to give a clearer picture of what it means to live “with”, or “alongside” God- not just over, from, for and under.  The book goes into detail about what each of the postures in relation to God misunderstand about God and His nature.  I believe that this book will likely challenge you and compel you to re-evaluate the way that you relate to God.  I feel that it has brought me closer to God.  The content of the book is not complex, and neither is its message of living “with” God.  Yet somehow the author succeeds in creating a compelling case for why many of us miss out on some of the rewarding experience of living alongside our Creator, and how we can better understand and live out this idea.   

Disclosure: BookSneeze provided me with a complementary copy of With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani in return for my honest review. 

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Rumors of God review

Rumors of God book review 

Rumors of God by Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson was a book that I enjoyed reading.  This book was definitely worth-while to read, and my copy now features many underlined passages where I marked thoughts for later re-reading with my pen.  This is a book that after reading, certain sentences from it may recurr in your mind over and over, urging deeper thought with every reverberation.  

The subtitle beneath the title reads, "experience the kind of faith you've only heard about".  This book's focus is on faith, Grace, seeing the big picture, and trusting God.  Its messages are those I've heard elsewhere, but that I particularly liked reading again in the form of this book.  It brings to mind questions about consumerism, materialsim, the American dream, and what it really means to live in faith.  I thought that it also validated the adventure that a person can have when thrusting one's everything in the hands of God.  It requires all, but the reward is inexpressible.  The authors question the superficial ways that people have begun to view life, and urge them on to something different.  This is a message that is being reiterated in lots of books lately, but it's because it needs desperately to be heard.  This book is not just another shout-out of hope.  

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and discover the meaning that lies within it, for this generation and every one that follows.  

Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of Rumors of God was provided to me by BookSneeze, in return for my honest review.

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Too Blessed to be Stressed review


~ Too Blessed to be Stressed review by Lady Hannah ~ 

Any books claiming to help reduce stress sound like a good idea to me, and so I jumped at the chance to review Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty.  The book claimed to contain lots of humor (which it did- and I found myself laughing), as well as work as a devotional (it was) - but I sensed that this book was not as right on target as I had hoped.  Lots of 'the message' references diluted the scriptural power it could have had, and some of what Coty shared - though often funny or light-hearted - was the same sort of stuff I have been hearing on stress everyplace else (though it's always good to hear it said again).  Yet, somehow despite what I felt was lacking, I did enjoy reading this book and I can always use some laughs.  Thus, was this a good book?  Yes and no. =)  I thought it was a worthwhile read, but that it didn't quite live up to its hype.  I think you ought to grab a copy and find out for yourself! =) 

Media Disclosure: I was given a complimentary copy of Too Blessed to be Stressed by the Litfuse Publicity Group in return for my honest review.

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Branded by Tim Sinclair


Branded- Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture by Tim Sinclair

~ A book review by Lady Hannah ! ~ 

Tim Sinclair makes and shares some powerful statements in his book about evangelism and new tactics people can use of sharing the message that Jesus saves without diluting the power of that truth.  This book takes note of the consumerist world that we live in and encourages better approaches to spreading the gospel truth without encouraging further consumerism.  I appreciated that Sinclair recognized the importance of art in communicating Christ’s message of love.  This is something that is frequently on my mind, and I like that it is an issue starting to be addressed by more Christian leaders.

It is convicting and challenging to be faced with the idea that many Christians have made the world-changing truth of how God can take our sins away boring.  Have our efforts to glorify God and reflect His truth really been that half-hearted?  Discover this and other answers in Branded.

Disclosure - A complimentary copy of Branded by Tim Sinclair was given to me by the Litfuse Publicity Group in return for my honest review. 


Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham in Quotes, compiled by Franklin Graham with Donna Lee Toney

~ A Review by Lady Hannah ~

I am a quote-keeper.  I enjoy reading quotes and collecting them, and I am always putting quotes in my notebooks, on my cork board, and on random pieces of paper.  Quotes can inspire, they can give advice, and in the case of the book Billy Graham in Quotes, they can give spiritual guidance as well.  If, like me, you enjoy reading quotes of wisdom, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book.  It includes quotes on a variety of topics, such as the Bible, creation, faith, life, worry, sin and commitment.  At the beginning of topical chapters, a Bible selection (a verse or two) is included to set the theme.  Billy Graham is one of the most well-known preachers, authors and evangelists in the Christian community.  This book is a good introduction to his thoughts, faith and philosophy.  I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: A complementary copy of Billy Graham in Quotes was provided to me by BookSneeze in return for my honest review. 

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Put Your Dream to the Test

Put Your Dream to the Test - 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It

by John C. Maxwell

~ A book review by Lady Hannah ~

Oh, how beautiful is this book!  I had thought that nothing could match Sun Stand Still, one of my favourite books that I ever reviewed for a publishing house, but Put Your Dream to the Test is a very, very close second.  In fact, I recommend that if you ever read Sun Stand Still, you follow it up with Put Your Dream to the Test.  This book can help give greater clarity to your visions for the future, help you discover whether what you are seeking is a dream or a delusion, and gives much practical advice for following your dream to the utmost.  If you have had a dream but have not been quite sure how to take the next steps to its realization, Put Your Dream to the Test may be the God-send you need.  I know that it has helped me personally with finding how I can strengthen my tactics for pursuing my hopes for the future, and has already helped me to make some tangibile progress.  I highly recommend this book!  Buy a copy, buy a friend a copy, buy your neighbor a copy.  This is one of those books you will not want to put down, will want to take everywhere, and may be truly blessed by. 

Disclosure: BookSneeze provided a complimentary copy of Put Your Dream to the Test to me in return for my honest review. =)