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16 July 2011 @ 03:32
Branded by Tim Sinclair  

Branded- Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture by Tim Sinclair

~ A book review by Lady Hannah ! ~ 

Tim Sinclair makes and shares some powerful statements in his book about evangelism and new tactics people can use of sharing the message that Jesus saves without diluting the power of that truth.  This book takes note of the consumerist world that we live in and encourages better approaches to spreading the gospel truth without encouraging further consumerism.  I appreciated that Sinclair recognized the importance of art in communicating Christ’s message of love.  This is something that is frequently on my mind, and I like that it is an issue starting to be addressed by more Christian leaders.

It is convicting and challenging to be faced with the idea that many Christians have made the world-changing truth of how God can take our sins away boring.  Have our efforts to glorify God and reflect His truth really been that half-hearted?  Discover this and other answers in Branded.

Disclosure - A complimentary copy of Branded by Tim Sinclair was given to me by the Litfuse Publicity Group in return for my honest review.