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24 September 2010 @ 23:56
Belle's Wardrobe Fashion Event!  
Note: I altered the date of this entry to the year 2020, so that it will stay at the top of my page during the time leading up to and the duration of the Belle's Wardrobe event.  I will edit this post as I add information on the event. You will still be able to read new entries at the Beauty from Inside blog on topics other than the upcoming Belle event below this "sticky" post.
It took a bit of brainstorming, but I finally came up with the theme for Beauty from Inside's first fashion event!  I've been thinking about doing one for some time now.  The theme will be "Belle's Wardrobe" (as in Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and will have different categories to enter, the main category being "Fashion" (but please keep it modest and classy).  This event will run from September 1-15th, 2010.  I will be attempting to get sponsors to help with prize donations, etc. and am currently spreading the word about this upcoming event to other fashion blog writers.  l will continue to list more details about the event, which will be hosted here at Beauty from Inside.  You can read below at the links as I add more info.


Q: Do submissions to this event have to be created between September 1-15, 2010, when the event runs? 
A: No.  You can make submissions previous to the event, but you can enter the links to your previously-made content during the actual event.

Q: Will there be prizes? 
A: That is the plan. =)  I hope to have at least two prizes.

Q: Can I donate a prize for this event? 
A: Yes!  Leave a comment or message me using livejournal telling me your interest in donating a prize and I will get back to you.

Q: Will there be different categories to enter? 
A: Yes!  There will be Fashion, Art and Articles.  There may be another category or two if I come up with another before the event begins.

Q: You call this a Belle event.  Can something be Beauty and the Beast themed overall, versus just Belle?  What about Beauty and the Beast fan-fiction themes? 
A: Be creative. =)  The term "Belle event" includes everything Beauty and the Beast, including *appropriate* fan-fiction, as long as it is something a conservative audience wouldn't disapprove of.  You could also do an entry on a character other than Belle, such as the Prince/ the Beast, or any of the other characters from Beauty and the Beast.  If you're not sure whether your entry theme would fit with this event, please leave a comment or message me using livejournal.

Q: Why hold the event in September? Why not August? 
A: Just because- and it gives me a little time to plan.  Also because I don't want to overlap this Narnian fashion event  run by another blog that I will be participating in.  Don't worry- all the posts at Beauty From Inside related to the Narnia event will appear BELOW this post on my home page, so news about the upcoming Belle event won't disappear.

Q: What is the "I support this event" list? 
A: It is a list of blog writers, whether they will be participating in this event via posts or not, that either wish to promote this event or show that they support this event's efforts.  It is also a way for this blog to get the word out about other blog writers (including Christian ladies and modesty bloggers), and since this is Beauty from Inside's first fashion event, I think it might encourage more participation among fellow blog-writers.  Sometimes you can accomplish more in greater numbers! =)

Q: Can I be added to that list? 
A: Absolutely!  Leave a comment here or message me using livejournal.  Or contact me using facebook if I know you there.

Q: So... I just comment or message you to be added to the "I support this event" list?  That's all? 
A: Yes, but I need you to let me know that's the reason why you're sharing a link to your blog in the comments section or via a livejournal message.  I won't add your blog link unless I'm certain that your intention in sharing your blog link was to be added to the list, or unless I contacted you through facebook, e-mail, etc. and made sure you would like your link added.  So be clear about that and I'll add you. =)  

Q: Are there any Belle Event graphics to advertise this event on my blog, etc.? 
A: Yes! =)  Please see the 'graphics' part of this event post.  You can click straight to that section if you are viewing this event post from my main page.  There will be more to come!

Q: How can artists contribute to this event other than by entering the Belle event once it begins? 
A: I hope to have a Belle/Beauty and the Beast art gallery feature as part of this event.  Thus I'd love if artists would contribute their sketches to be featured in the "web gallery"!  I only ask that readers be allowed to copy your artwork elsewhere, as long as they appropriately credit you as the artist.  Just comment to let me know if you have something to share.  Artists are also welcome to create their own graphics for this event.  Share them with me & I will add them to the list of graphics that readers can use to advertise this event. =)  Another way artists might contribute is by donating a sketch/watercolour/etc. to be used as a prize.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to participate in this event? 
A: No. =)  Just keep fashion entries modest & classy, and respect that this is a Christian blog with conservative readers.  If you have any questions about what I consider modest, be sure to contact me and I'll let you know my standards.  I also understand that there are non-Christians that are interested in dressing modestly and keeping fashion classy, and I invite them to have a part in this event, just please refrain from using foul language in entries, etc.

Q: Can I create a fashion entry that features a piece of clothing that would be immodest if worn alone, but would be modest in an overall outfit (such as with a camisole, etc.)? 
A: As long as you make note of how you would want the piece of clothing to be worn so as to make it modest and include examples, etc., of how the look could be pulled off modestly, then yes (Within reason, of course.  I don't want lingerie models and ridiculous things in fashion entries.  The point of this event is keeping it classy/modest, not trying to get around that. =) ).  An example of when this would be okay: let's say you find a skirt you think Belle would wear, but it's a few inches shorter than you would like.  You can include a picture of the skirt in your fashion post, but be sure to clearly note what you would do to make this modest, such as wear another skirt under it or wear a slip with tulle or wear it over pants, etc.  You might include pictures of the slip/ alternate skirt/ pants if it fits with the post, or include links.  I'll check any "questionable" entries on a case-by-case basis.  Please make sure that posts adhere to my modesty standards, which are at my own discretion.  If you'd like details on what they are or whether your entry adheres to that standard, please ask and I'd be happy to talk to you about modesty. =) 

Q: I don't think I'll have time to enter this event in September..  is there still a way I can get involved? 
A: Yes! =)  You will note that entries do NOT have to be made DURING the event.  They can be made before or during.  Just give me the links ahead of time for entries for the categories Fashion, Art or Articles before the Belle event begins, or submit the links to the previously-made content as soon as the event is underway yourself.  Also see the list of ways that you can help with this event on another part of this event post, or leave a comment and give me your blog address and I'll add you to the "I support this event" list if you would like. =)

Blog writers in support of this event -

Sewing in the Past - www.sewinginthepast.com
Not all who wander are lost -

Living on Literary Lane - http://lizzyslovelylibrary.blogspot.com/ 

I Heart You - http://evangelinehan.tumblr.com/  

Gonna Take a Ride Across the Moon - http://bridget-frances.blogspot.com/ 

Jo-with-it's Portfolio - http://www.jowithitsportfolio.blogspot.com/ 

Genuine Beauty - http://www.genuinebeau.com/ 

He Designs My Life - http://www.godslittledesigner.blogspot.com/

To Lose Our Darkness - http://sunshinegarden.tumblr.com/

Story Girl - http://everystory-storygirl.blogspot.com

Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe - http://www.shealynns-faerie-shoppe.blogspot.com/

Want to be added to the list?  See the FAQ above!

Belle Event Features - 

[This will be updated as the event progresses]

Event Features will include: 

Hair Tutorial Contribution ~ Two Belle hairstyle tutorials were contributed by
Rapunzel's Resource.

Event participants can enter the blog post categories Art, Articles & Fashion.

This blog features Belle fashion posts, prizes and more during the event.
Hoped-for features: 

A Belle/Beauty and the Beast art gallery
A look at Beauty and the Beast fan-fiction

Belle Event Categories -

During this event, participants will be able to enter posts (made either previous to or during the Belle event) in either the categories Art, Articles or Fashion.  You do NOT have to specify what category you are entering when you enter a category.  Either I will figure out what category your entry fits in, OR you can specify what category you are entering in your entry post. 

Learn how to enter (it's easy and free) here! 

Below are details on each category.  You can enter your links now that the event has begun, up until 11:59 pm (pacific standard time) on September 15th, 2010. Enter as many times as you like. =)

ALL ENTRIES: must follow my guidelines.  See the FAQ for more details, and let me know if you have any questions.
If your entry could apply to all three categories, just pick the one you think it goes best with.

Category 1: Art - You can enter sketches, watercolor paintings, photos, videos (including Beauty and the Beast spoofs), music, an article about a Beauty and the Beast play or musical, etc.  There are a LOT of possibilities.. let me see what you can come up with!

Category 2: Fashion - You can enter fashion photo-shoots, Polyvore sets, articles on fashion, a picture of your sewing creation, a post on Belle hairstlying, etc., your ideas of what a modern Belle would wear, and so on.  Let your creativity flow!

Category 3: Articles - You can enter a blog post article about your fan-fiction, the story of Beauty and the Beast, old Beauty and the Beast legends or movie editions, character sketches (where you write about a character from Beauty and the Beast), etc.  Be creative!  I'm sure there is lots of fun stuff that you could come up with. =)

How you can help - 

Other than by entering and spreading the word on your blog, etc., here are some ideas for ways you can help with this event.  These are just lots of various ideas, not necessarily ideas/things I plan on having or implementing during the Belle event.
Add your blog to the "I support this event' list by commenting on this post or messaging me with livejournal to be added!
Write up a Belle guest post for the event that you'd like featured on this blog and comment (including leaving a means of contacting you) letting me know that you would like to offer the article as a guest post, & I will see if it will fit.
Let me know if you have Beauty and the Beast fan-fiction.
Do you want to do your own Belle hairstyling tutorial?  Make one and let me know, and I'll add it as an event feature along with the hair tutorials I will feature from Rapunzel's Resource!
Donate Belle-themed sketches for the art gallery (I only ask that readers be allowed to copy the artwork elsewhere, as long as they appropriately credit the artist). 
Donate "Belle" hair-ribbons, a costume, an apron, a black choker or earrings. 
Donate rose-themed items. 
Donate Beauty and the Beast inspired books or other books that might work well with the event. 
Donate a Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. 
Donate appropriate stationary.
Donate your idea of modern Belle clothing/fashion apparel.
Donate candles or Disney memorabilia.

Event Graphics -

Here are some graphics I made advertising this event!

^ Main graphic from Belle Event page

Event graphic for blog sidebars

Belle Fashion Event graphic for blog sidebars (notice the slightly alternate text in this graphic)

You're invited: Belle's Wardrobe Fashion Event

^ Above: Polyvore invitation for my Polyvore fans.  You will be able to enter Polyvore fashion sets in the "Fashion" category of the Belle event once it begins!

Come Enter - Belle's Wardrobe Fashion Event

^ Another Polyvore invitation graphic
NEW!  Enter the Event! -

Entering the Belle's Wardrobe Event is easy and free, and entrants have a chance to win something! (Details on prizes and everything to do with the event will appear on the main Belle event post and at at the main page of the Beauty from Inside blog as the event continues).  After reading about the different categories that you can enter in this event and checking the FAQ for additional information and guidelines, you can learn how to actually enter by visiting the "Enter Belle Event" blog post.

(Anonymous) on 8th August 2010 18:37 (UTC)
I would love to join in supporting this event. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairie tale of all time! I even wrote my own version of it for NaNoWriMo! Here is my blog adress! http://katysuepillsbury.blogspot.com/
Lady Hannah: margaret hale- north and southspacious_soul on 8th August 2010 18:46 (UTC)
Thank you for spreading the word about this event! I added you to the list. How neat- Nanowrimo is such fun! I've participated in it twice now. If you'd like to share anything about your fan-fiction that might go with the event, feel free to e-mail me at hannahemilyglenn@gmail.com.
(Anonymous) on 8th August 2010 19:49 (UTC)
This sounds like a very fun event! I love Beauty and the Beast, but unfortunately I will be in the thick of school...Maybe I will be able to squeeze it in!

Lady Hannah: bluish Arwenspacious_soul on 8th August 2010 20:19 (UTC)
Joanna -

Thanks! I hope you will have a chance to participate! Let me know if you'd like your blog to be added to the support list at this event post. :)
(Anonymous) on 9th August 2010 14:44 (UTC)
Sure! You can add me. I do hope to participate!
Lady Hannah: margaret hale- north and southspacious_soul on 9th August 2010 18:39 (UTC)
Okay, I shall add you then! =)
(Anonymous) on 9th August 2010 01:30 (UTC)
Hey Hannah,
Evangeline here. I deleted my Livejournal blogs... :p that's why I'm posting anonymously. I would love to join this event. It's going to be fun, I guess. :) I've posted about it in my blog as my Polyvore account is linked to it.

Lady Hannah: greenblue outsidespacious_soul on 9th August 2010 01:35 (UTC)
Hi, Evangeline, dear! :) I'm glad you're interested in the event! Thanks for posting about it at your tumblr thing. =)
(Anonymous) on 9th August 2010 10:25 (UTC)
Fashion event
I'll be happy to spread the word about your event. Who knows, I might even enter. I love Beauty and the Beast,it's one of my all-time favs.
Your sister in Christ,
Liz Darcy
Lady Hannahspacious_soul on 9th August 2010 18:38 (UTC)
Re: Fashion event
Thank you, Liz Darcy! =) I hope you are able to enter!
(Anonymous) on 11th August 2010 11:42 (UTC)
Support List
Would like to be added to the support list. :)
Beth Ann @ Genuine Beauty

Lady Hannahspacious_soul on 11th August 2010 15:04 (UTC)
Re: Support List
Sure! I am assuming you misspelled the link because it didn't work, but did as "genuinebeau".. is it actually www.genuinebeau.com? I am adding the link with this spelling. Let me know if I'm mistaken. =)
(Anonymous) on 1st September 2010 09:16 (UTC)
Re: Support List
Yes, it is www.genuinebeau.com ;) Quick question (sorry if you have posted the answer but I didn't see it) are we going to be able to link-up to anything on your blog? Or do we link up at the end of the contest?
Lady Hannah: notesspacious_soul on 1st September 2010 17:39 (UTC)
Re: Support List
Link up in what manner? Do you mean link to the event?
Lady Hannah: ridingspacious_soul on 1st September 2010 19:04 (UTC)
Re: Support List
Did you mean link up via a mr. linky? I made it possible to enter the event via a mr. linky just moments ago after I got home. My event updates may tend to be posted later in the day versus earlier, since that's when I'm free, so that's why it wasn't up in the morning today versus the afternoon. Sorry for any confusion! ;)
lioness_eyeslioness_eyes on 3rd September 2010 09:38 (UTC)
Hi dear, I'll support this lovely event. I don't really use my livejournal anymore because I haven't made any recent graphics, but I can certainly post on my tumblr AND on livejournal. :] my tumblr is http://sunshinegarden.tumblr.com :]
Lady Hannah: by the streetspacious_soul on 3rd September 2010 18:32 (UTC)
Thank you, dear! :) I'll add your tumblr to the list.

(Anonymous) on 9th September 2010 17:47 (UTC)
Hi! I'd love to support this event! My blog is: everystory-storygirl.blogspot.com.
Lady Hannahspacious_soul on 9th September 2010 17:54 (UTC)
Re: contest
Thank you! :) I'll add your blog.
(Anonymous) on 11th September 2010 21:04 (UTC)
"I support this" entry
Hello! I am "Shealynn" from

I heard about this through "Bramblewood Fashion." Your blog looks really neat and this is a cool event!

I would like to do a drawing of Belle as an entry, however, my family just moved and I am not sure how much time I'll have before the 15th.

I would like to be added to the "I support this event" list. Is that OK, even though I'm not SURE I can enter?


Lady Hannah: spring hat and flowersspacious_soul on 12th September 2010 00:11 (UTC)
Re: "I support this" entry
Thank you, Shealynn! :) Of course you can be added to the list! I would love to see your entry. There may be a chance that I will allow late entries and just delay the judging a few days extra, so don't give up if you think you won't have time to enter. ;)
(Anonymous) on 13th September 2010 20:16 (UTC)
Re: "I support this" entry
Thank you! :)

I got your comment on my blog; I'm not sure why you can't see the picture. I tried re-uploading it...
Lady Hannah: ridingspacious_soul on 13th September 2010 21:33 (UTC)
Re: "I support this" entry
It is showing up now, thank you. :)