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21 November 2011 @ 20:43
Remembering You by Tricia Goyer - Blog Tour  
Remembering You

by Tricia Goyer

Summary based off of the book cover - 

Television producer Ava Ellington cannot refuse her grandfather's last wish- that she accompany him to Europe on a tour of WorldWar II battle sites.  Ava sets off, camera in hand, ready to record and report on their journey, and she and Grandpa Jack are greeted in Paris by Paul, her grandpa's best friend, and his grandson Dennis.  The Dennis who just happens to be Ava's first love.  History comes alive as the group travels across Europe- from the romantic sights of Paris to the bleak battlefields of Belgium to the Austrian labor camp these men liberated so many years before.  As Ava's grandfather shares his memories of bitter days on the battlefield, she begins to understand how his experiences in the war made him the man he is today.  Throughout the journey, Ava and Dennis are also drawn together in ways neither of them expected.  Can their memories of the past lead to a bright new future?

Review - 

Ava Ellington in some ways reminds me of myself.  She is driven.  When she sees green countryside, she thinks of the Sound of Music.  She is a young woman of feeling.  And while she may not be a big fan of war history, she enjoys touring Europe with her grandfather.  This story is neat in the respects that it is tied to two different generations: Ava's and her grandfather's.  Their stories are in many respects different, but as the two of them tour through Europe, the purpose of the journey changes as they look at the future through the lens of the past. I like the setting of Europe, and the author Tricia Goyer writes in a casual writing style that is likable, easy to relate to, and plays like a film in one's head as you read.  I recommend this book to those looking for a casual, sentimental novel. 

Excerpt - 

"Don't give up on this day yet, Ava,"  Grand-Paul said in her ear as he gave her a quick hug.  "Never give up.  Sometimes the future isn't what we expect, but when we get there, it often isnt' as scary or as overwhelming as we first thought."  

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Disclosure: Litfuse Publicity provided me with a complimentary copy of Remembering You, in return for my honest review.